This bizarre anti-masturbation video can't be real, but it is


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I’m self abusing right now.


I am totally uploading this to a porn site.


Dirty Old Men Tell You Just How Naughty You Are?


The largest JW content production facility in the US is right near us in the Hudson Valley. I was invited to tour their facility because I make booze and they’re surprisingly ok with drinking. It was pretty amazing. I met the people who designed that gray bible in from of the “hosts” in the video (there is only one acceptable JW bible). The place was absolutely spotless. I’d be surprised if this video wasn’t produced there. Just to up the creepy factor, they recently built a school there called Gilead.

According to the local tax assessor, the tax base is now 30% exempt from local taxes, a problem that nearby Orange county is facing in the Kiryas Joel community area as Hasidic communities have procured vast tracts of land and property.

This video’s pretty crappy, but it shows the vast scope of the facility.




Beat me to it by seconds.


This falls under the heading of “too silly to care if this isn’t real”


They should have sent a poet…




Da fuuuuuq? [emphasis added]


Bible Thumpers are pretty irony impaired. :slight_smile:


Cool! Cults hate drones.


It’s always amusing that the scenarios they concoct are from their own sick little minds :drooling_face:


I had a legal assistant who was JW. Terrific assistant, a sweet abuela to her grandkids. I invited her to my wedding and she drank whisky like a lumberjack clutching his divorce papers. It was awesome.


My pillows are asking for it.


Of the billions of videos on You Tube, this will be the only one that will fail in its mission (close to Jehovah’s Witnesses door-to-door success-rate).


Yeah, I don’t think they’re big Margaret Atwood readers there.


Was in this goof ball cult during my late teens early 20s.

I always will remember a special talk a representative from the headquarters gave, which I later learned was given to all witnesses across America, possibly even global.

The speaker talked for 30 minutes about why people shouldn’t have sex with animals. Bestiality is a sin! To add to the fun the speaker had a strong new england accent.

What about sex with an “animer”?
This is fornication, which is forbidden by Jehovah.
What about rubbing the gentials of an “animer”, while rubbing your own genitals too?
This would be fornication, which is forbidden by Jehovah.
What about only rubbing the genitals of an “animer”, without stimulating yourself?
That would be fornication too, which is forbidden by Jehovah.

The room was filled with mostly middle aged and elderly women.

Cut to: groups of JWs later wondering out loud how big the epidemic of human/animal relations was “in the truth” and if anybody locally was doing it.


Roger That!