This bladeless fan delivers smooth airflow that’s as cool as the fan itself

Originally published at: This bladeless fan delivers smooth airflow that's as cool as the fan itself | Boing Boing

This bladeless fan

it just has smaller blades hidden inside

Get rekt.


As last post stated blades are inside.

But more to the point complete rip off of the Dyson.

Should you be advertising what is clearly a copy.

I look To boing boing for original inventive items in there shop.


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Forget it, Jake - it's the boingboingshop


I would be thrilled if Boing Boing would consider doing something innovative and cool with its shop instead of selling cheap ripoff fans and overly priced tech courses and other generally useless stuff. I don’t know exactly what - I’m not a marketing expert - but there MUST be a better way for you wonderful folks to make money while selling goods that appeal to your actual readership base. I picture something more like Etsy-meets-Thingverse-meets-WholeEarth-meets-LLBean, though.

I know, you’re probably doing the best you can with what’s available to you and within your budget. Just a thought.


Looks like a Dyson Rip-off
Are you sure you should be promoting this?

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