This "bulletproof" hoodie comes with a lifetime warranty

Strange, I found a lot of information in the article. Perhaps you could follow your own advice? If you wish to take issue with the OP how about providing quotes of specific parts of the post you claim are false? And provide rebuttal quotes and links to articles that prove your point? :thinking:

Two days warranty is two days longer than the “as is” warranty from items on the BoingBoing store. After my second non-refundable purchase died within days of receiving I learned my lesson.


Yeah - that’s how body armour works.

Body armour can’t eliminate the kinetic energy that a projectile hits you with. Instead it spreads that energy out so that instead of your skin experiencing several thousand psi at the point of a bullet, it experiences several hundred psi over an area of about a square foot. It’s still gonna hurt like a biatch, and leave a truly story-worthy bruise, but it probably won’t puncture the skin.


Apparently it’s a thing for people to buy fancy outfits for a party, wear them with the tags still in, then return them within the return period - tags intact, but very definitely worn.

Imagine buying one of these for that one fancy gunfight, then returning it…


This is fairly standard from what I understand. There are soft vests which can sometimes stop an indirect hit from “intermediate” cartridges like the .223 common in ARs. But even military grade body armor with ceramic plates can’t be expected to stop a direct hit at close-ish range from a full sized rifle cartridge.

It’s still gross. And not certified. And fucking stupid. And $800. I think the body armor my parents sent to my brother in Iraq back in the day (cause we love our soldiers so much we can’t even give them working equipment when their lives depend on it) was less than that. And that shit was intense. Basically a Kevlar turtle neck with ceramic plates everywhere you could put em.


It worked perfectly well during the wearer’s lifetime…

Lifetime warranty? If it fails, the warranty expires when you do?

It should go nicely with my bus-tire resistant chinos…

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They will give you a full refund if you’re killed and bring it into one of their stores

When the fash come to town I always show up for the counter-demonstrations. I wish I could get unobtrusive, certified IIIA because a lot of those assholes are one MAGA away from waving their Freedom Penises and ejaculating lead at me. If this were certified it might be worthwhile. But it isn’t. So I won’t even consider the outrageous price they are charging. There are companies which make certified ballistic protection garments, but they are pricey specialized tailors


NIJ doesn’t do certifications. They set standards. All objects are only bullet resistant. Something which can stop a .50 BMG bullet isn’t wearable, for example.

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Thanks! What excellent technology. :slight_smile:

I wonder how they’re carrying those lifetime warranties on their accounting books?

Each one is a potential liability. They’re probably never going to have claims on more than a small number, but the total should be there somewhere.

Perhaps if I was a paid author from Boing Boing, I could. And that isn’t a snide; I wish I had trained for that career path, and would have found success at that lofty level. (Again, no seriously; I consider Boing Boing to be one of the most important and esteemed websites in the world.)

But, alas, I didn’t; and I do need to keep an eye on my actual job; and it prevents me from authoring articles as such.

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