This bundle teaches you how to market on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & more

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There’s a Bill Hicks quote, juuuuusst on the tip of my tongue. Now what was it…?


Does it tell you how to get a bunch of likes on BoingBoing?


I’m finding these shop posts to be more and more intrusive in my boingboing experience. We should be able to filter these out of our rss feeds.


You just have to ask


Is the person in the photo trying to market a small wooden bridge on social media?

Are they the 21st century George C. Parker?


[Warning: I’m going to fire up the all-caps now.] FUCK FACEBOOK, FUCK LINKEDIN, FUCK INSTAGRAM AND MOSTLY FUCK YOU!! Or as Hicks would have said, go kill yourselves. No, seriously. Go kill yourselves.

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And that was the moment I lost all respect for BoingBoing. Seriously, all your posts about the shadiness of marketers, about privacy, about how you basically should never trust sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Fuck. This is seriously fucking low. I know you guys need to make money, but I thought you had at least some shred of integrity. You should be fucking ashamed.

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