This car was lifted into the air by a tornado in Hamburg, NY. The owner's home security camera caught it on video

Better make it earthquake-proof, too.

When I left Oklahoma for California a decade ago, a lot of people I knew said that they’d NEVER want to live in California because of the earthquakes. (Tornados they could live with, I guess.)

Now they’ve got tornados AND earthquakes!


This must not be Bill O’Reilly’s car, he lives in the No Spin Zone.

This could have taken a turn for the worse.

Even nature has trouble parallel parking, and its had billions of years to practice.

Why rotate the tires, when you can just rotate the whole car?

Damn twisters can’t even wreak havoc in a straight line, what makes them think they are OK to drive?

I have run out of ways to spin this into one-liners.


She’s lucky that tooth didn’t go through her head to get into her purse.
I’ve seen pieces of straw stabbed into iron pipe, their airborne speed became so great.


In November of 1989, an F4 tornado struck Huntsville, AL. It crossed a freeway next to a shopping mall at rush hour and picked up a car with a woman inside and dropped it on top of a transformer in a substation next to the road. The woman was later rescued unharmed, but I suspect she’s had nightmares ever since.


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