This car was lifted into the air by a tornado in Hamburg, NY. The owner's home security camera caught it on video


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Watch: The Magic of Oz, the "worst cartoon ever"?

Holy jebus! Just kind of gently lifts the vehicle swings it about a bit, and gently sets it back down.

I like how a household member really loses their shit when they are informed that it is s tornado, -20s in the second video.


Sadly, in spite of this footage, we do not get a look at the invisible perpetrators of this horrible crime.

Do not mess with brownies or poltergeists if you don’t want them to fuck up your car.



“Car’s a movin’”


“Reckon we better head down in the basement.”

“Reckon you’re right.”


Sure would suck to be caught outside be that bad bastard…you’d be blown away.



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Guess that’s not all the tornado blew away!


The real takeaway is how brutal tornados can be, but leave other things basically unscathed.

The recycling bin is long gone, but the garbage bin, barely touched. RIP, Recycling Bin! We hardly knew you!


you know this is whoops not fake news cause I experienced it myself


Sonofabitch only moved the headstones, left the bodies.




When I see these things on the news I start wondering whether the tornado prone areas shouldn’t dispense with those traditional looking houses and start re-thinking house-building from scratch. I reckon one could make some awesome tornado proof architecture.


You’d think, right? Or even have shelters large enough for the populace…


Should make a good Subaru commercial. “Nature? Nice try.”


We just build trailer parks to lure the tornadoes away from the pricier homes. Works great.


“The real takeaway is how brutal tornados can be, but leave other things basically unscathed.”

That aspect of tornadoes has always fascinated me. I know a lady who was in WalMart during the Joplin F5 tornado a few years back. It ripped the roof off the building and did enormous damage. When it was over, she said that some aisles of product were completely missing, yet just a few feet away stood aisles with shampoo bottles and other items still neatly displayed on the shelves. She also found somebody’s tooth in her purse. Here’s a before/after:


yeah to us it just picked it up and put it down, but that car just crushed a witch, met some munchkins and drove skippingly down a golden road with newfound friends and learned the magic was inside it the whole time.


Physics are crazy. It’s nuts to me how the same tornado can lift cars, but leave the doormat, a few feet away, unmoved.


Back in the '80s, there was what the National Weather Service called a “straight line burst” that skipped through my neighborhood with about 1/4 mile between each touchdown point. My home was undamaged (didn’t even lose the patio set umbrella) but afterwards and only 400 feet away there were houses without second floors or roofs.
The closest convenience store had a fully loaded ice box outside (probably weighed at least 1-2 tons) and it was sucked away from the wall and moved some 200 feet out into the parking lot. Didn’t even scratch it up. Owner dragged it back and plugged it back in, and continued selling ice as if nothing happened.
I’ve even seen asphalt sucked off of the roadway and disappeared, no clue as to where it went. Just left a six inch drop to bare gravel, like the construction crew ran out of pavement.
Mother nature commands some respect, she’s got a little Mojo when she wants to show us mortals who’s actually in charge…