This dad mowing the lawn in a tornado's path is all of us in 2017


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Somebody has to mow the lawn, and Dad was doing it regardless of said tornado…


See the final shot in the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man with the storm of the 60s about to hit and Grace Slick belting Somebody to Love.


Lawn ain’t gonna mow itself.


That twister just might though.

No points for being smart, but the dude certainly has moxie to spare.


(That movie was freaking amazing. One of the last movies I watched with my parents in their home when my father was still alive; they were both big film buffs but live in a rural area that doesn’t have theaters, much less ones that show offbeat films.)


Meh. He was keeping an eye on it! :wink:


I don’t see a bag on that mower. Maybe he wanted to take advantage of the high winds, in the hope that that would blow away the clippings.



Hey, when the wife gives you a honey-do list, you do it…


i DO like the idea that this is the new “This is fine.” image to use…


Aw, by the Jeeez! Buddy said he was keepin an eye on 'er, so what’s the big deal, eh?


just sprinkle some razor blades on the lawn and let the tornado do the rest!


onto the neighbor’s lawn, of course.


I remember going outside and looking at a funnel cloud closer than that when I was 10 or so. It was still over a mile away and not a tornado.

In Kansas and Oklahoma, we try to lasso the small ones like that and keep them a pets.


This :thumbsup:

Not to detract from the fellow’s moxie…

But if he’s not a former Oklahoman, I’m going to file a petition to offer him honorary citizenship.


I saw this the other day, downloaded the highest resolution version I could find, and spent almost an hour masking out everything beyond the fence. The plan was to post it online and let the interwebs go crazy compositing it into different scenes (e.g. Hindenburg crash). I gave up because I couldn’t create a nice mask for the large tree. And a meme was (not) born …


I’ve done the same thing.

When I was in high school, I was out windrowing alfalfa, and felt the air go still after being breezy all day. Something told me to look north and I watched a funnel cloud drop a few times before evolving into a full tornado.

Where I am from in the High Plains, the summer storms typically move west to east. So yeah, I ‘kept an eye on it’ as both the tornado and I worked our ways west to east. The twister was about 2 miles north of me. Impressive piece of weather.


“Grumble-grumble… She’s going to miss me when I get flung away to Oz…”


“[Cackling] I’ll get you, my pretty! And your little mower Toro, too!!”


“This dad mowing the lawn in a tornado’s path is all of us in 2017”

Sure, until we finally get hit by the fucking tornado…


I was glad the Coens put their note at the end of the movie “No jews were harmed during the making of this movie” otherwise I would have been really worried about that tornado.