This doorstop is better than a folded-up newspaper


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Nothing beats my dark matter doorstop. According to Professor Farnsworth, “each pound…weighs over ten thousand pounds.”


How good is it for killing flies?


can you lay on the floor next to it really drunk and read some news about the world that gives you hope?? Because if you can then it’s better than a folded up newspaper.


I get the feeling that Mark is rediscovering stuff that you can get from your local hardware store for the same price and posting Amazon links. Colour me unimpressed. And I shall remember this when we talk about monopolies again.


I got a really cute cast iron hedgehog one from Cost Plus. Also somewhere around $7, and much more awesome.

(Imagine this, but with a little hedgehog rather than a cat).


I was expecting to see @beschizza’s safe.



My wife has a cast iron door stop that looks like the Wicked Witch of the West’s feet sticking out from under the door. It is a 100% unsatisfying thing to crash your toes into in the dark.


I want one like they had at Los Alamos:


Probably because fire doors aren’t supposed to be wedged open :worried:


Amazon can sell you a gold doorstop* too. Classy, huh?

*Not actual gold.


Yesterday it was a garden hose nozzle. Today a doorstop. I think this is some kind of ongoing avant-garde statement piece that I’m not smart enough to get.


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