This emergency kit has all the provisions for the day you truly need them

3 day supply of water for a human being in a box the size of a hard back book? I think not. Oh, unless it is dehydrated water! Yeah, that could work! Or the book is the library edition of the unabridged dictionary, I guess.

Edit: (Does anyone remember that dinosaur? It was a beast, like life-threatening if it fell off the stand on top of you huge!)


Wait, what happened to the third pers…



The coast guard approved ration bars are mostly bad fat and sugar. No protein, vitamins or fiber. OTOH they can be stored under freezing or hot conditions and aren’t thirst inducing.

Not my first choice for emergency provisions - but good for long term storage in your car truck. The water packets won’t burst when freezing unlike bottles or cans - but they’re 4 oz each & pricey.


Do the ration bars offer any advantages over good old hardtack? Pemmican is another choice that can last for years.

Ten 4-oz water packets = 1.25 quarts US = 1.2 litres. For one person for three days? I assume the plan is to supplement that with one’s own urine.


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$90, for about $10 or $15 worth of supplies… Ignoring the silliness, you could build this yourself for far less. Or even better build a real “go” bag. Also, nowhere could I see a picture of the contents to judge quality. A good multitool might cost $30 to $50 I suspect the “Swiss” multitool in the kit is cheap MIC junk with a white cross on it.


Hardcover-book size? With water for three days in it plus other stuff, more likely hardcover Medieval-handwritten-Bible size.


Goes to check label on box of Pop-Tarts®


They would be cheaper, but not as stable to store. But any port in a storm during an emergency. Though when things are really bad - some protein and vitamins will help you weather it better.

And some gin and tonics.


Clearly you’ve never worn a strapless dress. We have the technology!


Where were these when tube tops were a trend? :thinking:


I had to settle for a dressless strap… :frowning:

I have actually seen a company selling stick on face masks, but they weren’t respirator grade so that seemed like overkill. No reason to need an expensive, limited use perfect seal for a non-rated filter cloth filter.

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I hate these predatory “Emergency Kits” that overcharge for the sheer fact that they are doing all the work for you. Let’s do a break down of the costs of these items:

Using a site like (so it’s even cheaper for US folks) and the Dollar Store

  • First-Aid Kit - items not specified so you can get it for $1
  • 3-day Water Supply by Datrex - $0.75 each and you get 9 so $6.75
  • 3-day Food Rations by Datrex - $11
  • KN95 Air Respirator Mask (these are Chinese versions of N95 masks) - $5.33 per mask
  • Swiss Multi-tool - $1 since it’s probably just “Swiss styled”
  • LED Flashlight - $1
  • Glow Stick - $1
  • Mylar Emergency Space Blanket - $1
  • Emergency Rain Poncho - $1
  • Waterproofing Utility Bag - $3
  • Kraft Notebook - $1 for 3
  • Preppi Pencil - $1 for lots of pencils
  • Safety Matches - $0.65
  • 4-Hour Candles - 36 hour candle for $5.99
  • Emergency Whistle - $3.75 for a survival whistle with compass
  • Playing Cards - $1

This total list comes up to $44.47 Canadian!!!

So you’re telling me Boing Boing feels justified in selling a box of garbage that you need to potentially risk your life to?

Build your emergency kit over time and get the best hardware you can afford. And use the FEMA list for what you need for a 72 hour emergency kit:


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