This enormous whirlpool fountain is hypnotic

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How long will it be before someone falls in that thing?


That’s gotta be a Ned Kahn piece.


There’s a smaller one in Seattle, and it, too tends to wobble as it spins. I wonder if the wobble is avoidable, or what.

I almost want to build a wood-framed tarp dish and get a bunch of pumps and piping, and spend a summer fiddling with angles and rates. Maybe if I ever retire.


edit: oh man, the bottom of this thing is an opening in the roof of a 2-story courtyard!


It looks pretty cool from below too:


Moar linky from the guy who designed it, with video:

And it reminds me that I still need to make me a whirlpool fountain for my garden:

I’m still stuck at the step of buying a house with a garden to put it in, though.

Well, to do that someone would have to be climbing on the barrier. And given Singapore’s infatuation with public corporal punishment for minor civil disobedience, they might just do something like, oh, toss the offender in the fountain. Elegance and symmetry.


The punishment is a product of the crime, Singapore sounds magnificent!

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Very low per capita incarceration rate. But sentences tend to be extreme and punishments for lesser offenses are deliberately geared toward public humiliation. There’s also very little freedom of press. Ironically, their military-style disciplinarian penal system is largely a result of Brit Stamford Raffles, the primary founder of this Southeast Asian city-state. Not my kind of place, but damn if they don’t keep the littering down.


Two more thoughts:
What is causing the oscillation?
Do toilet bowls on boats have water in them?

I think the metal frame of the basin is made of tubes through which to pump water. I’m guessing it deliberately alternates the flow to oscillate the whirlpool.


Two main types of toilets on boats: ones that you manually pump and ones that electronically pump for you at the push of a button. You pump/press first, to bring water into the bowl, do what you’re going to do, then pump/press to rinse the bowl out.


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