This family announces their overseas move, in 4-part harmony


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Gee, what an adorably clever way to rub it in. :confused:


Yeah, it puts into stark contrast the situation of myself and my friends, contemplating what places we would be willing to leave everyone and everything behind for and of those which we could afford to dedicate years of our lives towards preparing for.

I feel trapped.


Please, take me with you.


Mmmhhh, poffertjes


counterpoint: these people are fucking obnoxious.


Exactly. Let’s not ignore the fact that these people seem legitimately unbearable. Especially the father.


Well, they certainly researched Dutch food, even though oliebollen are generally eaten at fairs (kermissen) and on New Year’s Eve only. In addition to our rather limited Dutch cuisine, we tend to eat Italian, French, Indonesian (slightly adapted to Dutch taste), Thai, Japanese, etc. food. And Belgian-inspired fries. And if you like beer: there’s a healthy upsurge of small breweries. I think this family will fit in just fine over here.


“O-oh Da-ad … on youtube … do we have to?”





Sourds like a great adventure. Bon voyage and bon apetit!


Wonder why they chose the Netherlands. Usually english speaking countries are the preferred choice for USians. I would’ve chosen the Netherlands too but I don’t need to because I can drive there on the weekend in under 2 hours :wink:


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