Britons enjoy bagel on train


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You know how they could have protected that bagel?

Put a lox on it.


To protect it from some kind of caper?


Butter safe than sorry.


Could you correct the title @beschizza. These are out-of-towners leaving London after a night out. People like them make our life in Hoxton hell on a Friday / Saturday night.

We, Londoners have many failings, but behaving like idiots on the train out of London after a Saturday night out is not one of them!


The bagel I had this morning seems so, well, boring now.




Seems like a very restraint version of things happening today in Cologne. (It is Rosenmontag. Alaaf. Also, I never understood bagels and doughnuts. Why take out the center part of a Berliner?)

BTW, what does the Collopy in Collopy Monday mean? This, found on the interwebz, doesn’t help really:

A collop originally denoted a fully grown horse or cow


When folk from yonder holler bring their foreign foods and alien ways to our lil town… you kin guarantee a ruckus.


Hahaaaaaahh, good lads. Good gals. All round good uns yeah? Laughed an laughed I did. Me knee’s sore from slappin it. Shat maself.


It should be kept in a lox box according to Al Gore


I thought they only celebrate this kind of “jolly good time” during holidays abroad.


Reminds me of the rowdy ride home from The Church.


It’s an entire Bravo/MTV realty tv show season in two minutes


No sooner said than done!

I used to live in Chelmsford, I know the sort well, sir.


Watching the spectacle a slow epiphany came to me. Bagels. It’s bagels that make New Yorkers act the way they do…



Is there a savory equivalent to a Berliner though? I can’t imagine putting lox on one.


You’re an Essex boy?


Hm… Senfberliner don’t count, do they?