German artists stage a quirky performance for passing trains


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When Germans have a better and more whimsical sense of humor than us. It’s game over.


that’s a pretty sweet idea, haha


All I have to say is that someone really needs to do a U.S. version of this. Pretty please.

That would require the train system to not be hot garbage.


Did anyone else notice the truly EPIC manspreading at 2:08? I didn’t realise the film crew were in on the art project too! Good on 'em!


I loved Edaville Railroad! Took my son there for Christmas a few years ago.


These are the best kind of happy mutants. I have a big happy smile just knowing that this goes on in the world today.


And people say Germans don’t know how to have fun? Wrong!


Sure we do. By schedule. Hence the train.
(Serious fun is from :clock1030: to :clock1130:, weekdays, one week of August, every third year. Very serious fun is yearly six weeks before Easter, Thursday :clock11:, to Wednesday, sharp. :clock12:.)


See, I hate this stupid clicheé. We have a brilliant sense of humor, it only translates very badly into other langlauges since much of it is culturally or langlauge rooted. Most of this comes from the British, that were shit talking about Germans for 60+ years for whatever reason.


You Europeans are crazy cats.


Relax. I was making fun of the PC Americans.


“The Patrician of Ankh-Morpork sat back on his austere chair with the sudden bright smile of a very busy person at the end of a crowded day who’s suddenly found in his schedule a reminder saying: 7.00-7.05, Be Cheerful and Relaxed and a People Person.”

Terry Pratchett, Men at Work


Ahh yes, Germany and trains. These are not two things I normally associate with fun, but maybe the future will be better than the past.


I like how you de-militarised the title.



We don’t. You might have.
We take humour so serious that we would get pissed if someone insinuated we wouldn’t be funny.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got to read some Heine. In the original French.


I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea. I love it so much!
I would have taken the train just to see this!


someone has to be late right…


For as wonderful as this is (very), i wish it was unscheduled- that the train riders would not have known it was going to happen, but instead was something that initially might have been mistaken for a fever dream…


On schedule and in the right place. The show is much more enjoyable when it’s outside the train…