The Netherlands learn to speak Trump's language


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Yes… Nothing more to say.

(Edit) Maybe I have, it’s lots less cynical than you might think.


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. It’s very clever.



Picking on Germany may not pay off in the long run, folks.

Most Germans like the Dutch, I think. Unless they meet at soccer, or on the Autobahn.


Original video, with introduction:


Super video, but I’d think that Trump-speak would not include stringing at least two proper sentences together.


Only one :thumbsup: as it lacks sheep hanging around on dikes.


Thank you.


Fake language! haha


Not enough tangents…


Oh dear, you went and showed the sheep.

Sensuous, voluptuous sheep, hanging out so temptingly on remote dikes. So white.

Now Trump is going to want to visit.


So he can grope their poes.


Baaaad sheep need a spanking.

I once climbed up a dike to get some sensual photos of the untamed North Sea only to come nose to nose with a ram climbing up from the sea side. Killed the romantic mood, I tell you.


Its true. We love the Dutch unless its football (ORAAANGE TRÄGT NUR DIE MÜLLABFUHR!!!) or when they clog our Autobahn with their goddamn camper trailers. Other than that, the Netherlands, great country, the best weed.


The Dutch stereotype for the Germans is nicely illustrated by the trailer for this (unfortunately never produced) zombie movie.


Oh, I remember that one! Its a shame it was never made.

Oh well we still have the dutch beaches to dig foxholes in them…


really as little meeting of the dutch as possible would be best, it’s true.


Brilliant! Are the Netherlanders all this clever? Maybe we could hire one for the Daily Show?


Hearing reports that The Donald is upset by by how the media “doesn’t give him enough credit”, and how that’s “demoralizing” for The Donald, I’d like to ask everyone in the world to troll The Donald in the same way The Netherlands has.