This fictional American soccer club is popular enough that Topps is selling jerseys and trading cards

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Merchandise soon available on the BoingBoing store!

I would buy this.

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Eliminate all the expense of paying players and winning games. Straight on to the merch!


added benefit of not having to be bored to death watching soccer/football. (sorry, not sorry).


Only until they start generating CGI games for their fantasy football league. Still, the simulation could leave out the boring bits.

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I’m shocked that somebody in a band named “Gaslight Anthem” would participate in this sort of football hooliganism.


Since we’ve reached peak sportsism in our culture, this isn’t surprising at all. I’ve been making up fake sports team names whenever asked who I’m rooting for to win the [pennant, cup, bowl, shiny McGuffin] for years now.

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