This French baker cruises around delivering fresh-baked goods to boaters


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Looks like a decent way of life.


And wheresoever lots of boats shall gather, there shall be found some smart person doing a market-based kind of ships’ chandlery.

(Maybe there should be a land-based version of this; adults running out of the house screaming for the pain truck? Sound system blasting “Je Ne Regrette rien.”)


If only a seaplane could be worked into his business model somehow it would perfect!


Have you ever seen Porco Rosso? I think you might like it.


If faced with bread pirates, he can fire crouton torpedoes.


They’ll be more than a match for grapeshot.


Most common in Asia:


Let’s hope those work against Zeps as well as Subs.


Lettuce hope it’s peppered to repel a foot long a-salt.


But will it work against the Bread Pirate Roberts?


Since he’s French, he butter bring le pain if he kneads to rise to the loaf and death situation and save his buns. Otherwise he’s toast.

Sorry for these crumby puns. I’m baked.


I’ve never seen it, but yes I might.


This is the most genuinely wonderful thing to appear on BoingBoing in a long while. I’m deeply, deeply intrigued by this chocolate mango pie.


At first glance at the thumbnail, I thought he was working out of the basket of a hot-air balloon.



Well I think that there may still be an arabber or two selling fresh fruit in Baltimore off of a horse drawn cart.


There most definitely are.


The Bread Pirate Roberts perhaps?

[Argh! I see I was beaten to the pun!]


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