This gentleman's pleasure in revving his motorcycle is interrupted when it catches on fire

Apparently the moral spark of the universe is way less into lofty platitudes and delayed gratification than the moral arc of the universe; because that’s a lot of flash justice crammed into a matter of moments.

Truly glorious.


Humiliating bad people is a humanitarian activity.

It’s unlikely to make them better; but there’s a chance that they’ll internalize enough shame to induce them to hide more of what they are from the eyes of the world; which is almost as good.


You mean the journalist?


In light of the karmic schadenfreude, it seems the interwebz will excuse portrait orientation (this time.)


the correct expression is: “that’ll buff right out”

ETA: @bheerssen beat me to it!


Well, lordy. Look how easiy it was for those kids to do that to Snape!

(I am surprised not to see this yet…)


As Mrs Brown would comment: “That’s nice.”

Spoken like a gentleman!

I had a friend who’d just bought his first bike, a shiny new Honda VT250.

He rolled it out of the showroom, and took it to the gas station next door to top up the tank. Then he headed off down the road, where he quickly encountered a red traffic light.

It was lightly raining, and my friend knew enough to be wary of the damp slipperiness. But what he didn’t yet know was that (a) traffic markings painted on the road are extra-slippery, and (b) new bike tyres come with a waxy preservative coating that takes a little while to wear off, which is also extra slippery.

So, at his first traffic light, a few hundred metres from the bike dealership, my friend locks up his front wheel and drops the bike. And now discovers that he hadn’t resecured the gas cap quite properly after the fuel stop.

So it now pops open, pouring fuel all over his bike as it slides into the intersection. Which, despite the rain, managed to generate a spark as it scratches along the pavement.


Once the fire was out, all that was left was a charred lump of molten plastic and aluminium. The bike was still within sight of the dealership.



Mind you, replacing or even checking the integral front brake would have annoyed him even more.

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