This GOP candidate for congress joked about killing women during sex and enjoys photos of underaged girls

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The cops should check his freezer.


The correct answer to, “You ever thought if you choked someone and killed them in bed what would happen?” is, “Of course I haven’t! What the f__k sort of f__king f__ked up question is that?” and not “Oh, yeah!”


Family values!


Who cares about the character of a politician as long as they robotically follow orders coming from the GOP party bosses. Sadly the cult of GQP will support this jerk.


The qualifications of current-era Republican candidates are baffling.

“Whhhy he’s so f’ed-up he makes me feel good 'bout m’self! plus he cheeses-off them libtards real good! [alternate laughing and coughing]”


But of course it’s libruls who are the depraved and homicidal paedophiles…


It’s normally considered a good idea to hide your weird sexual preferences if you’re trying to get elected

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This is the second time Alek has ran for this seat, the republican that ran multiple times before that Art Robinson was a Pee collector

This is also the district I live in so I have to see Alek’s Backpfeifengesicht way to often


When you’ve transformed your political party into a nihilist, terroristic death cult, the requirements to run for political office basically boil down to “violent clown who will destroy the world while laughing in the ashes.”


While kinkshaming is unfortunately still a thing in elections, it’s actually quite difficult to find consenting partners who wish to be “accidentally” killed during sex, if you can even convince a judge that’s the case. It reeks of misogny, rape and predatory male behavior.

That used to be a big no for most of the political spectrum…


Maybe, just maybe, they aren’t sending their best - however these individuals just might be the best the GOP has given how far right the party has moved.


What way would Jesus kill a partner during sex?


“Underage women” are not a thing. “Children,” “minors” or “girls” is probably the word you’re looking for. The article gets it right but the headline could use an update.


“Robinson is no stranger to the spotlight. His controversial stance on nuclear power published in his energy newsletter in the 1990s, suggesting the sprinkling of nuclear waste from above to build up resistance to diseases, made headlines last year in Mother Jones and the Huffington Post when he was announced as the new GOP leader for Oregon.”

Holy hell these people are idiots.


I don’t think kink shaming is ever the “correct” answer…

I think one “correct” answer is “yes, I have attended multiple BDSM Kink and LGBT friendly community based sex ed classes and panels that address this very activity, how to perform it more safely or find safer alternatives, and its potential consequences. I made sure to do so before ever trying it, and only do it if requested.”

My current (female) partner actually was the “demo model” for once such class. I never had an interest in it until I had a partner who requested it, and at that point had already been active in BDSM communities for 20+ years.

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Ah yes, the “rough sex” defence.


Nobody’s kink shaming. I, for one, am speculating-about-murder shaming. Which I think even in these progressive forums is still a valid reason to shame someone running for office, is it not?


His answer / response / view on the question was “f__king f__ked up”. The question itself (when framed as “how do you avoid this”) is not, and is by many indications one more people should probably be addressing.

A nut with funding.

The Mercers also invested a reported $10 million in Breitbart News in 2011. They’ve donated millions to Republican candidates and super-PACs, from Mitt Romney and Herman Cain to a congressional candidate in Oregon named Arthur Robinson, who caught Robert Mercer’s attention with a pseudoscientific newsletter in which he argued that small amounts of nuclear radiation have health benefits.