GOP Senate candidate says women have the right to make him a "home cooked dinner every night at six"


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His girlfriend? He wants a slave, and a nanny, and a nurse for a companion. Good luck schmuck.


And a mommy. Really the whole madonna-whore thing wrapped up in one package.

I will admit to being surprised when I came to the page from my RSS reader. I was expecting a much older fogey.


And Courtland Sykes ‘has the right’ to go fuck himself with a splintery 2x4.


Ouchie, think of the children!


Oh, I am; such intercourse would have no risk of him reproducing.


Just speculating here, but…


I gotta say, he is pretty attractive for a republican politician especially, I think this may actually be the first Milli Vanilli candidate.


Con artists come in all ages.


Kinda reminds me of Nick Adams. Only without the raving alcoholism and insane infatuation with a Japanese actress.



Exactly. It’s basic red-pillery garbage and this guy is surfing that wave as far as he can. Heck, he even announced the coattails he plans on riding in on.


I’m going with satire here. Dear gods I hope it is. I will personally fly anywhere in NA and give the originator a giant smooch, if it is.
Sounds like something Max Temkin would do…


I’m willing to bet on the insane infatuation.


Courtland Sykes? Mr Tingle is going to have fun with this guy.


Courtland Sykes, nobody could be named that, could they?


We all know that Harvard Extension is an open-to-all continuing ed thing, yes? nothing against it; I’ve just known a few folks who would throw this name out there sometimes maybe kidding themselves and if possible others by using that H word.


It was only a matter of time. Fake news begets fake candidates.


I think you have to have some actual feelings towards people and empathy for that.

Sociopathy seems to just ooze from his statements.


Honestly… sorry. This loser has been diarrhetically stinking up the air for a while; read it and (like me) weep:


His parent’s ambitions at work from birth up…?