This guy can hula hoop, plate spin, juggle, and unicycle all at once

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“But that is not all I can do, said the Cat.”


See? Some men can multitask. Just not with useful things.


Yeah but can he also paint, make juice, and take calls? i didn’t think so.


But, does he run Crysis?

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I saw some poll somewhere about “What was the last video game that surprised you?” and it occurred to me that the last time a computer game really pushed the limits of hardware (except perhaps Cyberpunk 2077?) was Crysis, thirteen years ago. I suppose that’s some measure of the beginning of the console age, and the crippled games that have had to be produced since (e.g. Crysis 2, Far Cry 2, etc.) to accommodate consoles’ extremely limited processing power. I was supposed to be impressed with the high resolution of Gears of War, but couldn’t get past the fact that in order to have that, every map was roughly the size of my house.

Fun fact, Crysis was set in 2020.

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But he can’t find a friend to take a video for him? pshaw!

Nevertheless, [attempted] humor aside, I’m impressed, jealous and very tempted to toss him a frisbee.


I would be more impressed if he can get onto the unicycle with all equipment without assistance or picking up the equipment from a high place.

Sometime in the '90s I saw a guy at the IJA convention combining the following tricks:

  • rola-bola
  • six hula hoops around his waist
  • bouncing a ball on his head? or maybe it was balancing a cue stick
  • juggling three balls in one hand
  • and a club and a basketball in the other.

Drat it, what was his name? Larry something?

My bro-in-law, who grew up in Panama, son of a USAnian canal worker, regularly unicycled into the jungle to collect venomous serpents, he said, but I never saw him performing other acrobatics. Is snake-spinning a thing?

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