This guy hand-makes metal tubs with remarkable speed

I hired some laborers to clear out my yard which had become overrun with a blackberry bush. The oldest guy – 60 or so – pulled on that stuff with his bare hands. I said something in my (tolerable?) Spanish and he smiled and showed me his palms. Calluses liked boiled leather. I tipped very well on that job.


Yeah that constant noise would do me in. On the other hand, hammering shit all day long must be very therapeutic.

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Not only a satisfying video but a good one to participate in a pot banging session when you don’t have a pot to bang.

If you go down the rabbit hole watching videos like this, you’ll eventually see metal casting shops with guys wearing the same on their feet. As in a couple of young guys moving a crucible of molten metal from the kiln to the sand mold. In sandals.

ETA: props to these gentlemen!

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I see what you did there.


A sweat shop would be the way I viewed this video. “remarkable speed” of course if that is what you do everyday… the same thing everyday gets you a skill. Upward mobility and the chance of a better wage from your skill, not so sure.

If indeed it was one person making a bucket and profiting off their labor then this would be an equitable business… a person could take ownership of the fruits of their labor… put their name to it.

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