This guy riding a hoverboard around the edge of a high-rise gave me cold sweats


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I had to turn it off.


Ha! I get to do it this time:


It’s fascinating to watch people report having watched the video despite prior knowledge of how it was going to make them decidedly uncomfortable.


I shit my pants for him.


Some of us ENJOY our daily Boing Boing cremaster workout.


No, he is not lucky to be alive. Alive is the default state he was in before he did this. He’s actually lucky to not be dead.


Hooray! I learned a new word today! Thanks!


Just reading the description makes me realize there’s no way I’m going to watch the video. I’ve seen a few minutes of such things, but it’s just so painful to watch someone doing something incredibly dangerous for no reason other than the fact that it’s incredibly dangerous. Which is strange because I know how it’s going to resolve (with everyone involved fine), but it still freaks me out.


The street below is crowded with pedestrians. I hope that when this guy finally manages to kill himself there won’t be any innocent casualties involved.


But at least it didn’t catch fire.


I guess art exhibits need to be worked out. I had no idea.


That’s me. I cannot watch, yet I cannot look away.


please let it be fake. some sort of clever compositing. please?


Hello from me, sitting WAYYYYY over at the other end of the room.


Did he check all the tiles on that ledge before getting up there? Excuse my french but this is fucked up.


His next video ends in a, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I guess we don’t get to see all the ones where some fool falls to his death. I wonder how many people are killed each year filming these kind of stunts…

Oh and I didn’t watch it.



Thought it was going to be a russian kid.
Then I saw the red and white Chinese billboard on one of the buildings.
But at the end it sounded like they were speaking russian.
So, does anyone know what that red and white sign says?


I guess there’s something tempting enough bait anyone…

In related news, yes, they’re speaking Russian.

Edit: Ah, there we go, it makes more sense now.

This is Oleg Sherstyachenko, a professional stuntman/traceur


In post-soviet russia, compositing is just overlapping bloodstains.