This guy typed every country in the world in under 3 minutes. Can you do that?

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every country in the world

that took me about 5 seconds


No I can’t do that, nor do I want to.


I took the whole 15 minutes and got this: a few were just brain farts (Austria?), a few I just couldn’t spell, and some of the South Pacific and Caribbean countries just don’t stick in my head that well.


Even if I knew them, I don’t type that fast.

Also, the pedant in me wants to note that he isn’t using the countries’ full names (i.e. “China” rather than “People’s Republic of China”).


Practice makes perfect

Yakko can do it in less than 2 minutes to the Mexican Hat Dance tune (although he is not typing):

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Artistic license and all, but Benin and Dahomey are the same place.

My kid loves that skit, but her main gripe is that he left out Wales.

Yeah, same for Romania and Transylvania.

Back on topic: TIL that French Guiana is not a country. During the Sporcle quiz, I tried to type it many times thinking I was spelling it wrong and finally it dawn on me that it might be part of France; I had to Google it to confirm.

Good luck! There are as many countries as there are people.

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