This hunting blind is transparent inside and opaque outside

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Imagine a blind for hunting porch pirates this season.


Just get a big amazon box, cut eye holes, and climb inside.



This might make a neat tent for campers who want to wake up with the sunrise.


But your vision is limited. Solution? Amazon-box print for your see-through blind.


Three words: Prime Fall Trap.

(Call me, Jeff. My rates are reasonable.)


I bet you could order one from Amazon right now!


My guess was it used something with a lot of tiny holes, like they use for the back windows of car graphics and some novelty sunglasses. Looks like it does use that.


Thanks for saving me a dumb video watch.
I still would like to know where I can buy the fabric…


More “wonderful things” from Boingboing! Yay! Still, you have to admit, buying stuff like this, which is designed to allow for the more efficient killing of living creatures for pleasure (aka “sport”), seems kind of creepy and not so wonderful. If you have nothing else to eat, or you are culling a herd because your land is overrun and things are a bit out of balance, well ok, do it respectfully and with dispatch. But just sitting around in the woods like the invisible man eating candy bars waiting to kill things, isn’t that a bit serial killer-esque? And if you enjoy watching a creature’s last living breath so that you can pimp your social media feed with snuff material, I’m not sure I can add anything else except to say that posing with the dead is a ghoul’s hobby. But hunters gonna hunt, am I right? Yay, Murica!


I don’t hunt but I live in a rural and relatively poor area where a lot of people hunt for food. One deer can help a lot on the grocery bills for a family.
And humane, legal hunting and fishing can be part of good ecosystem management that also raises funds for the management of those ecosystems.
Now, catch and release fishing? Don’t get me started. It’s like, “Let’s torture some animals for fun.” But regular hunting? Don’t be so harsh.


I was thinking that it might be useful for watching wildlife, where the only shooting involves a camera. I know that isn’t what is being advertised here, but it’s the same ideas that make it useful for hunters that also make it useful for observing animals.


Sigh. You have a cartoonishly formed opinion on hunters and the reason people hunt.

You are also fortunately to live when you do that you don’t have to hunt or butcher your own food, and thus are removed from that “dirty” aspect that was the norm for most of man’s 200,000-300,000 years on earth.

That said, there are non-hunting uses one could use for this blind. Photography, for one. Might make a decent camping tent, for two.

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What was the cartoonish part? I like cartoons.

But seriously, I think I listed the reasons people kill animals thus: they kill for enjoyment, kill for social media likes, kill for food, kill to manage herds. Two of the four I disagree with, the other two seem reasonable. That’s admittedly simplistic, just four categories, but in the end I’m not saying we should deprive a hungry woodsman his dinner, or that Angel Island should be overrun with deer. I’m saying it’s creepy that people get off hiding in the woods shooting animals for no other reason than THEY LIKE TO DO IT. Seems off, somehow, but in the end the universe doesn’t give a shit about my opinion, right?

As harsh as I might get, it’s nothing compared to some of the hobbyist material I’ve seen that celebrates a lifestyle of killing animals for fun and social media profit. You’re correct that many people in remote rural areas often hunt to put food on the table, and that animal populations can be humanely managed by culling herds (not a great thing, but sadly options are sometimes limited)–I guess you might call this “regular hunting”. My complaint is against the deranged idiot nihilism of outdoorsy celebrities and their many followers, who act as if shooting animals is the moral equivalent of trimming your toenails. I disagree, and it makes me uneasy wherever I see this attitude and its products promoted as “wonderful things,” without irony. Anyway, I better get off my high horse before some angry concern troll accuses me of animal cruelty.

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Is this for sale on the BB Shop?

Hey look. This guy’s helping with culling herds and eco management! Bet he’d love the tent too!
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