This is a great 'Flatten the Curve' video explainer on how to slow COVID-19 and coronavirus

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Problem is, if the area under the curve is the same, we’re all still going to die. Our infatuation with instant gratification is what will doom us.

That was a wonderfully put together explainer!


Did you even watch the video?

That peak on the “bad” side represents cases that exceed hospital bed capacity, leading to avoidable deaths.

The point of flattening the curve is to keep the maximum number of beds needed per day at or below the number of spare beds we have in the health care system.


Yes, of course. My point is that behavior is difficult to modify when it requires patience. Don’t be so quick to judge, my friend.

Yeah, well, I kind of missed the bit where they told us that this is expected to last 18 months or longer.

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The problem is in the united states for every person doing their part not to accidentally murder other people, there is another person who is just going to do whatever they want and no-one is going to tell them what to do “and everyone is overreacting, it’s just the flu etc etc etc”

Remember 45% of voters support Trump no matter what, some of that 45% but probably 45% from a whole pool is not avoiding contact. I can see it on my street, in my city, every day.

So we can nudge the curve but without a social or criminal penalty for not isolating, it’s never going to flatten.

Every week the number is going to double. Doesn’t sound like much until you are 12 weeks in. Then it’s too late. But only then are the 45% willing to do something, too late.

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