This is competitive indoor skydiving


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Side note: I wonder how much it costs to spend the time at the wind tunnel to become this talented? Or is there a bulk rate?


Wind tunnel? I thought that was a momentum inverter? Oh those aren’t… haha… never mind, they don’t exist yet.


OK Go will use this in their next music video. Calling it now.


If those are the silver medalists, what did the gold medalists do? :open_mouth:


Carousel, Carousel…


Genting in Malaysia was pretty cheap. I paid 30 RM (10 AUD) for two flights of two minutes each.


Complaint about the vertigo inducing camera work!


This should be an Olympic sport. Not synchronized frigging swimming.


Not new.
I remeber seeing this on That’s Incredible! Or maybe Real People.


In other news, we now know your minimum age because you remember these shows.


highly likely that at least some of them work at their local indoor skydiving venue. the time I did it, the instructor was casually doing all sorts of tricks just as he crossed the space to prep the next student. even if they don’t work there, I expect the team has an “in” with their local venue. I wonder if the venues sponsor the teams, the way the best skaters I knew had shop sponsorships?


A) good grief
B) I assume rule 34 applies here?


beat me to it! damn.



  1. I’m hoping. If this was done by lingerie models, I’d set the channel and destroy the remote.


Are they following strict Calvinball rules?


TIL rule 34.


You’re one of today’s lucky 10,000!

(And, by the way, on behalf of the Boing Boing Committee for Preserving the Sanity of the Members, I am so, so, sorry.)


We did a family trip to the place here in Fayetteville (called Paraclete). It was a really cool experience. We were almost exactly like this Czech team, except with zero control and buckets of snot flying everywhere. It was awesome. My little girl was like a leaf in a hurricane in there. The instructor had to hold onto her continuously so that she didn’t slam into the walls.

That instructor could fly around in there like a bird. At the very end, he flew each of us up to the top and back down to the bottom, several times, rapidly. Easy, right? It’s a whole lot better and worse than it sounds.