This is definitely the worst music demo compilation ever


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Just wow.
The third song would be totally a hit in Japan, somebody has to make a Hatsune Miku cover of it.


I could really imagine this playing behind the end credits of some anime feature, available only on VHS.


you must be insane. that first track is pure gold from the moment he opens his mouth.


Well, cut these artistes some slack. This was before we all understood the benefits of adding more cowbell to the backup.

I love this sort of crap. I’ve found lots at weirdo radio.

That first song. I listened to the banal and amateurish lyrics for quite a while before realizing it is the hit written by Prince.

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Ha, I knew I had that 12" in my collection.

Yeah, this is fun stuff. That “You are the best thing in the world!!!” song… it’s like the pre-break-up version of PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me”. The “Nothing Compares” cover is also pretty interesting. Overall, this is fun because, while it falls on the “Bad” side of the Good/Bad axis, it also mostly falls on the “Interesting” side of the Interesting/Boring axis.

I love the first one. Reminds me of Richmond from the IT Crowd.

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