This is not a giant pair of jeans, it's a sleeping bag for two


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I’m strangely attracted to this item, but equally repelled by its price.


Dat price tho.


It’s a shame the “legs” can’t merge into one super “leg” for ideal snuggling.


Oh, you mean the Skirt model, available for $986.

Act Now!


Or, it’s just a pair of pants for your teddy bear. :thinking:


I got a perfectly good double sleeping back in the summer for about $60.

Negative points:

  • Doesn’t look like a pair of jeans

Plus Points:

  • Leaves me with enough spare change to get the family into a three day musical festival and eat while there.
  • Condusive to … adult pleasures with the other half.


Back in the day, we made a sleeping bag for two by zipping two individual sleeping bags together. That seems much easier and more - convenient. :wink:


You are at the “Buyer’s Lagrange Point”.



Instant shag bag.
:notes: Memories :notes:


The trick is in making sure that the zippers match up. Some bags come in left/right versions.


Impractical, overpriced and ugly.


It’s neither a giant pair of jeans NOR a sleeping bag for two.

It’s a pair of human burritos for bears.


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