This travel daypack zips up into a tennis ball sized bundle

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Is the carry pouch separate (bad), or sewn to the bag itself (good)?

I’d say takes more than being integrated to make a pouch good. There was a 50% everything in the store sale at Eddie Bower recently and they had lots of collapsing backpacks and duffels, but they were so awkward to fold back into their integrated pouch that I gave them a pass.


$27 ? I bought a similar backpack for about about ten years ago in a backpack store, and it’s still doing fine.

Thats a pretty steep markup, going towards all the other money Amazon isn’t paying taxes for.

A bag of holding?

That was ten years ago, it’s not clear what you paid then, but there is a thing called inflation, you know; ten years ago this sack might well have been half the price.

Yeah, sorry, that was really misleading, I meant to say “for $10 years ago”, not “10 years” ago. Messed this up on my phone.

Anyway, a price increase by 100% in 10 years due to inflation is pretty crazy, in the Eurozone inflation is typically about 1-2% p.a., and for these kinds of items production costs tend to go down.

Anyway, the store still carries the item, and it’s still the same price.

But hey, it thing’s might be totally different in the US of A, I have zero clue about that.

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