This is one of the world's tallest trees; and this is the arborist who climbed it

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I’m sure it’s more fun and exciting to climb it, but couldn’t they just tie a tape measure to a drone and send it up there?


From the article headline:

…tallest known tropical tree…

Emphasis mine.
Here are some taller reported Coast redwoods:

1 Hyperion 115.85 380.1
2 Helios 114.58 375.9
3 Icarus 113.14 371.2
4 Stratosphere 113.05 370.9

Clarified. Thanks.


The initial LIDAR scan almost definitely already gave them an accurate measurement, but where’s the adventure tale in that?


“How tall is that tree?”

Made me think of the barometer story…


Ixnay on the semicolon in the headline; the second clause is not an independent clause.

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Funding to climb slowly giant red wood sounds like great gig to swing :wink:

A la Peter Falk… Just one more thing… why did you do it?

I like that this is an interview with a local arborist to the area rather than some explorer coming in from the outside. Also, another highlight of the article is his amazing survival story of dealing with a bee swarm while climbing a different tree:

The problem was that I had to first change over from my ascending gear, on my harness, to descending gear so I could quickly rappel back down the tree. I was trying to do that and then I saw three bees flying really close to my face. Two flew past me and I thought, ok that’s alright, but then the third bee flew into my helmet and so, of course, it stung me because it was trapped.

That started the swarm…


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