This is what a cat looks like if you shave everything but its face


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Don’t know whether to cry for kitty or laugh at kitty!


File Under: WHY. WHY. WHY.


Well if that doesnt teach it to stop shedding, nothing will!


Not a huge cat fan, but what the f&*k were they thinking.

Boredom produces strange events…


That was done to a maine coon my folks had years ago, it was having skin problems that turned out to be symptoms of FIP. Sadly he died young.

That said, shaving cats for chuckles is a thing.


That’s too bad!

That’s too bad. Though a long-hair cat that for some reason doesn’t take care of itself (and doesn’t allow combing) can get covered with mats, and require close cutting once in a while.


Because science has to know these things.



AW that poor kitty :c


That is not a happy cat.


Looks good to me.


It looks like its face is in front of a magnifying glass.


that is the most appropriate face for that cat to be making. i’d be grumpy too, the poor thing!


And I see they shaved off the whiskers so the poor, humiliated guy runs into walls.


In a way you’re right. It tells us a lot about people.



Gah! Don’t do that! I haven’t even started drinking today.


So, Dave McKean was right in Mirrormask.


Last year, our grumpy old man mostly-Maine-Coon got bad mats, including some Klingons. He objects strenuously to anything but the gentlest brushing, so we had to give him a ‘lion cut’, aka poodle-do. After some pitiable wailing, he got used to it and actually cheered up with the removal of some horrible tangles. This didn’t stop everyone who visited from a quiet giggle at his expense. He’s mostly grown out now, and the mats haven’t resurfaced, but he will get another haircut if needed.


That was unexpectedly disturbing.