This is what a cat looks like if you shave everything but its face


Laugh it up now. Cats have plenty of time to plot their little furry passive aggressive revenge.


Exactly. If they can’t puke on your carpet… assuredly there are shoes somewhere in your abode. They will do their worst when you are sleeping. Or making the morning tea.


What you have here are photographs of Brazilian cats.


That’s one of the reasons i haven’t gotten a long haired cat. Already have had to deal with dogs with long coats and it’s a hassle. My current cat thankfully enjoys me combing his fur, he still seems to shed often so i try to do it a few times daily.


Mine know exactly how to irritate me while sleeping. Even to the point of dragging remote controls across the hardwood floors.

But you can’t be too careful when badmouthing felines online:


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