This is what a wedding cake for some Kazakh one percenters looked like

i didn’t know inauguration cakes were a thing



For structural bits I think they use sticks like pocky or pretzel sticks. For 179k I’d expect at least that much.


Surely there’s a better way to cut cake :wink:



I am always delighted when really rich people spend their money on this kind of stuff – it transfers money from them to an artist – and should be celebrated, regardless of what one thinks of the wealth disparities that allow for it in the first place. Whether or not Larry Ellison needs or deserves $40B, I’m delighted that he keeps a place like Berkeley Mills in business.


Money doesn’t buy taste apparently!


of course it is. does your “average man” spend 187K on a wedding cake? no, he does not. the one percenters spend in even greater abundance because of the tendency for “average” people to be spending more themselves.

Your argument seems to be that this particular, corrupt ostentation must be permitted, without comment, because “all weddings are ostentatious.” This seems silly. I’m only objecting to the ostentatious weddings that are corruptly funded, which this particular wedding almost certainly is.

Let’s return to the original concept of “one percenters”, especially in a corrupt society like Kazakhstan. They’re not spending “their” money. They’re spending money they corruptly obtained, directly or indirectly, from the 99%. So, judgement (and subsequent torches, pitchforks, and guillotines) are appropriate.


These aren’t just one-percenters, they’re in the top one percent of the Kazakh one-percenters!

Anyway, that cake is such a perfect mix of genuinely cool extravaganza and utterly crass conspicuous consumption. The guy who made it (and his team of confectionery architects!) deserve applause. :clap:


You are not taking into context what I said and the proportion of the expense to the means.

Spending excess money on a wedding day splurge is not an exclusivity to the one percent. No, the “average” person doesn’t spend $187k on a wedding cake. But the cost of that cake in relation to the cost of the wedding as a whole is probably in line with the the average person spending $10k on a cake for their “average” wedding.

Additionally, my point which I don’t feel you picked up on…is that it is their wedding day. It is not up to you or I or anyone else to judge someone on such a personal thing. There are plenty of other areas we can judge away at the uber elite, oligarchs, or anyone else for that matter. Wedding day extravagances is probably left un-touched.

I’m against needlessly ostentatious waste like this, no matter who paid for it or what their background is.


It was actually news a year ago that Trump’s cake was a direct copy of Obama’s 2013 cake.


:joy::joy: delicious cake…

“Let them eat cake.”


Conspicuous consumption no matter the context is obnoxious and offensive.


Pretty food always makes me feel guilty eating it. I’ll take delicious over pretty any day.


Well, of that ingredient list, the PVC pipe might be tasty.


Must be good money in potassium.

Looking at it just makes me want to get out the O-scale trains again, not eat cake.

Usually that’s what I’m susceptible to when cake enters a discussion, so it’s a bit weird.

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