This is what a wedding cake for some Kazakh one percenters looked like


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That’s q’ui’te’ a c’ake’.




I was going to say, they need all that space for the apostrophes.




Is it edible though? My wife and I watched a few episodes of a show called “Ace of Cakes” where a guy made wedding cakes that seemed to be mostly made of plywood, pvc pipe and fondant.


Yes, most of that looks structural, not edible. Unless its frozen solid to start, it’s not going to support its own weight in cake. I recall my sister had a three-tier cake at her wedding (there was sheet cake in the back, so this three tier thing wasn’t too big) but for a June wedding in California, the choice of some sort of fruit-jelly filling was ill-advised. The temperature that day was north of 100F and the filling simply liquified. The cake collapsed, unceremoniously, under its own weight.


the cake that Baikonur built


Agreed. The bottom two layers appear to be viable “cake” (I mean, you DO need to cut into it and feed guests with it), but the rest is much too precise and clean to be anything resembling pastry in any form. Especially the window frames and the railing, which look 3D printed or vacuformed. You’d certainly need solid construction for the lighting effects and the elevator mechanisms inside.

However, we can rail all we want to about the extravagance and unnecessary nature of such a project, but let’s not forget that this cake artist is doing his job, fulfilling the wishes of his client, and is very gifted. (At least from an engineering standpoint.)


meh. it isn’t just one percenters who spend exorbitant amounts of money on a wedding cake (or other non important wedding day elements).

its just as gross when some obnoxious bridzilla spends tens of thousands on a dress, or the flowers, or whatever it is is important to them.

It’s their wedding day. It’s their money. Spend it however you like. I have plenty of issues with the Kazakh oligarchy, wedding day excess is not on the list.



Not kidding.


It’s not unreasonable to criticize expressions of wealth as part of the conversation about the methods by which they require it. Oligarchy rarely results in ethical income.


It was an old tradition to preserve part of the cake decoration inside a glass cabinet for years after the marriage. perhaps they will keep the top part intact and just snack on the lower parts


it doesn’t…but the wedding day excess is also not a good indicator of that. Like I said…plenty of people spend excess and in abundance for that special day and they aren’t one percenters at all.

On the list of things I use to judge people on…what they purchase for their wedding day isn’t on that list.


i wonder if trump had any absurd wedding cakes like this


I’m sure he did…all 3 times.


My sister made the cake at our wedding, which was delicious.


from the builder’s own instagram: “:fire::fire::fire: Before exporting the cake to the hall - exactly 3 days without sleep, but the result is worth it! I thank my team for a powerful leap into space. :rocket: I just appreciate and respect everyone​:kissing_heart::heart:️”

an expression, or a clue that perhaps the funding did come from baikonur launches?


The future is cake-a-ma-tronics.

The robots could never kills us if we make them out of cake.


O’h’’! W’o’‘w’!!!