This luxury bed set is $180 off right now

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All these sales tell me is how much these people profit if theyr’e able to have said sales.


I found a way to save an additional $120 as well!


What is this, Price Is Right?


Is it made from bamboo fibers though?


does it feel like lotion though?

Why the scare quotes here? Thats really confusing…

Where"s the crazy ass golden ants when you really need them"

Fiber content is conspicuously missing.

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I swear I only click the BB store links for the comments.

One day, they will post something and everyone in the comments will say “wow, this sounds like a really good deal! I’m buying three!”

Ah, who am I trying to kid? The snark will never be stopped! :laughing:

So is the carbohydrate content.

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Fat-free, though!

Any guesses as to gluten?

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