1,800 thread sheets are so soft you fall to sleep just making the bed


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I fell asleep before I could order them. In fact, I’m still asleep.




There is no such thing as 1800 thread count. After 600-800 you are just braiding or wrapping threads to artificially inflate the count. I generally trust Boing Boing as a source that fights against bullcrap, not shills it.




Thread count isn’t like one of those deceiving metrics like camera megapixels or Facebook friends—more threads are always better if you can afford them. If price was no object, we would all be snoozing soundly bundled up in 1.8 kilo-thread sheets every single night.

Briefly considers deconstructing this. Decides instead to just enjoy the commentariat’s jokes. A fool and his money after all…a fool and his money.


But are they made from Bamboo?


1,800 thread sheets are so soft you fall to sleep just making the bed

People need special sheet sets for that?


I bought a set of sheets through the Boing Boing store two months ago. Utter garbage. It’s hard to trust Boing Boing as a source.


Unless it integrates a 2800 mAh USB power brick, then no sale.


Have you… not been paying attention? BB excels in shilling crap, or at least advertising it.


Box of wine. I’m asleep face first on the living room rug.


It’s that microfiber crap. Like you say, anything over 800, well, it’s definitely not 100% cotton.


I couldn’t even get started making the bed because ever since I bought these newfangled pajama pants my legs keep falling asleep.


Not really. It has more to do with the type of thread and the weave it uses rather than just the raw thread count.


Plot Twist: Sheets are saturated with a narcolepsy-inducing agent.


I just found this on the Wayfair website; a customer question regarding what’s very clearly titled and described as 1800 thread count sheets:

Q: “What is the thread count?”

A: The thread count is 1800.


Sort of like the joke,

A homeless man asked me if I had spare change. I looked in my pocket and said yes.