This man has a skin condition that makes it possible for him to stick heavy objects to his face

If he can’t bend spoons I don’t wanna know.


Or at least turn blue.

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just from the headline i could make a joke about me and my ex-wife - but i won’t

Do it with a powdered skin and without sliding the object around. (From a convex position of the head to a concave or at least less convex position)

It’s the same principle as sucktion cups etc.

Airtight seal and then reduce the volume of the bottom of the can, bottle etc.


The “condition” this man has is called “oily skin” and this is one the oldest parlour tricks in the book. James Randi was debunking this one is the 1970s FFS.

“He absorbs more oxygen through his skin than normal people” is the most nonsensical bit of bullshit possible. Every single word in that sentence is wrong.


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