This man's superpower is grabbing moles from the ground


I’m actually not particularly amazed by this.

Moles have extremely good hearing, passing his hand over one would change the level of background noise enough for the mole to know something was above and likely send it scurrying. They tend to burrow close to the surface, one can often hear them scratching away or even see the turf move, (and we do see the ground move a bit some few inches and seconds before he grabs).

I thought it was cooler that he managed to do it without getting bitten! :slight_smile:


I had a St. Bernard that had that ability. If I wasn’t there to stop the dog, Mr. Mole would have been Mr. Happy Meal.


I googled mole trap images. Oh, dear god…


Well, he wasn’t called ‘orange’ for nothing…



Maybe every square inch of his grounds surface is lousy with moles.


By definition, it definitely is


Yes, and a mole of moles would be horrific.


That’s more than 80 trillion moles for every person on earth.


CIA? He didn’t sound American.

Maybe this guy would be more interested.


Won’t somebody think of Sweet Polly Purebred!
polly boing boing


Maybe they have a particularly skilled shrike on their hands…



moles recurse


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