This might be the nicest gas station restroom on earth




This gives the Buc-ee’s in Bastrop a run for its money.


For comparison, the nastiest one on earth was in Trainspotting.


Edit: Not safe for… anything.


I think I must be watching the wrong video. All I can see is a guy filming himself with a toilet in the background.


Well, he does begin the video with a sort-of disclaimer that he doesn’t make videos generally, so the quality of the framing is not surprising.

That said, I did get the impression of an excellent restroom.


Well to give him the benefit of the doubt I watched the video with the sound off so didn’t hear that. However, I don’t generally make videos either but if I did I’d probably try to aim the camera at the subject, rather than myself.

And yes, it did look rather special, from what I could see :smile:


May I meet that guy in any restroom, please?


Hey, save it for the cottaging thread.


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