This neural network completes your text

It’s good, with a touch of the fervent evangelist:


I love my rabbit more than my children

For he has made his own family,

He has made his own place

He has got his love in his mind and soul.

For his name is my name and he is my child;

The fox is the friend of the dog,

The cat is the friend of the cat,

For this is my mother

My pride is as an arrow wound,

My blood is boiling when I see this

A man that would destroy his people,

But I will not cry because of him or because

We can help them and take our place

He would take a knife to each man;

And kill us all with the sword,

And eat us all the flesh

And make us all dogs,

And our hearts would not melt in anger because of him,

He would not destroy his people from him.

He knows I can hold my head high and not let my pride

Burn like water, the sword that is his own will

And he says, “I will love him as much as I love myself and my animals.”

He can make a dream up just as well as me,


I walked to the izakaya and, while I was getting my food, I saw a man walking by who looked strangely familiar. I looked up to see that he had an enormous moustache. I immediately called my cousin and asked her to come over.

“What’s this man dressed like?”

“He’s one of the people here wearing a red shirt. He seems to be a member of the military.”

That woman was one the soldiers who had been killed by the police. What I didn’t know was that I was actually standing in the midst of a military formation. They would also call themselves the Army. But at first glance, I didn’t think there were any soldiers here. That was until I stopped walking to walk by and saw a guy who didn’t look like a soldier in the middle of my sight, a man wearing a red shirt. There’s no way he’s the one who killed everyone in this town.

"Is that a member of the security forces?

He’s carrying a rifle


Sharp claws rend my flesh

When I turn into a zombie

To be born again

I still want to be human

I still want to be human

I hope one day

I hope one day

I hope one day

It’s all gonna come together

When you’re dead again

I hope one day will come

This song is about that day. It’s the day when your life changes forever as you are born anew. What are you waiting for?

This song is about death

It’s the last song written by Frank Sinatra, who said in “The Hardest Rock’n’Roll Star” that he had wanted to write songs about dying. It is also the “killer move” which Frank was so focused on that he had to keep it secret. He wasn’t ashamed of saying he killed himself. We only find out about it when he died in 1987. Frank had only spoken twice in the five years before his death, the first times being to his father, Walter, and then to his friend and manager, Paul Oakenfold. Walter told Paul and his staff that


This is great. I fed it:

A famous chef tried to haul a duffel bag full of 40 vacuum-sealed, frozen piranhas into Los Angeles for a cooking competition.

It feels like this starts on topic then quickly wanderers off into its own narrative.

Slightly NSFW:

I have a big banana and a small banana, and all I want to eat is a little banana. Now I’m going to wait here, and I’m going to have to eat for days. That thing is not going to work."

“Are you sure of your plan?”


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This is fun.

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. We were watching the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings, in front of a capacity crowd of more than 10,000 people. That’s a great game. I like the 49ers, and I like Minnesota. But even in the NFL, the best fans are often the bad ones, the people who are just looking for a problem to put into perspective. At the end, on the field, they would have to ask themselves, where’s this supposed to be going, I want a football game.

So they look out the windows of the stadium for anything to make them feel at home: “You can’t find anything like this?” they go through their day, they see that the stadium can have three stories, and then they ask themselves, “where am I, man?” (I am) here. It’s a tough question for people who are living in their own world to ask themselves. But I

“But I” – what? What, neural network, “but I” what? Honestly, that’s a great way to end a story.

Zero hour, Snowman thinks. Time to go.


This is how trump’s brain works right? It’s like a series of phrases that almost make sense but have no point or deep thought behind them.


Your mistake is assuming he has a neural network, but otherwise pretty much.


That was weird:

We’re gonna build that wall !"

This week, we’re going to take one question, one question only: Do you believe that Donald Trump could actually secure a border wall, secure the border once and for all, with his border wall proposals?

In the first round of his debate on Wednesday night, Trump offered two proposals to address the rise in illegal immigration — one that he offered during the first candidate debate, another that he offered in response to two deadly attacks with possible connections to terror in New York City on June 5 and Tuesday.

The first idea, “Build the wall and have Mexico pay for it,” came after a brief exchange about President Barack Obama’s plan to hire millions of temporary foreign workers. Trump responded by offering a “bailout” of $25 billion. (He repeated this idea during an interview with Fox Business later Thursday morning.

(Sarah Parnass/The Washington Post)

When asked about his”

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I’m having fun feeding it HP Lovecraft, e.g.:

He talked of his dreams in a strangely poetic fashion; making me see with terrible vividness the damp Cyclopean city of slimy green stone—whose geometry, he oddly said, was all wrong—and hear with frightened expectancy the ceaseless, half-mental calling from underground: “Cthulhu fhtagn”, “Cthulhu fhtagn”.

He had come for dinner with two friends, both pale, with black hats. They walked to the corner of our table, and sat there, smoking, their mouths hanging open and their brown eyes blinking; then came a pause, the same pause the two men had both been in before I had gotten anywhere near them. Cthulhu sat down beside them by the side of the dining-table. I stood by my room window, watching his long-drawn, thick-limbed face, his deep blue eyes, which turned black when he smiled. They were as empty as the great black doors that held the place.


Hippos have two teeth that are connected to the front of the head, and two pairs of claws on the back of the head.

The two pairs of opposable thumb-like teeth have two teeth that extend from a point (back of a leg) towards the front (of the head), and another pair of opposable denticles,

It is not so difficult to find an example of a commutative unital Banach algebra which is not isomorphic to C(X) for some compact Hausdorff space X. That makes finding isomorphisms of these unital algebraes of different orders of multiplicative complexity from C(X) by Hausdorff spaces which have compact Hausdorff space X a simple task in general. Even so, the homomorphisms of unbounded and compact C(X) are often very small with respect to Hausdorff spaces which might allow direct comparison. Some proofs concerning such examples are given in Ref. 12, below.

In general it is true that there exists some homomorphisms for C(X) where at least one isomorphism has the lowest order (one in which any unital algebra has no unital non-linearity) and is the weak equivalence of a homomorphism of the weak equivalence category with a class of all the classes of C(X


It really runs with the creepy serial killer vibe:

I buried the body in the garden behind the rose bushes. If I had been born in a different time I would have died soon. I can make no mistake about that. I’m a believer, not a superstitious one. But I think the world would be a very different place if I had gone in the wrong direction.


The fact is that the federal government does provide many subsidies at the taxpayer-subsidized rate for various insurance plans, including health insurance for employees, student loan debt and even mortgage insurance. But, if the federal government truly is concerned about helping low-income people with their healthcare costs, then it should have been providing the subsidies before the Affordable Care Act was passed, before the ACA was signed.

At a time when tens of millions of Americans have been forced to delay getting coverage due to coverage uncertainty, the federal government should have provided the ACA’s subsidies before, and after, the exchanges were set up.

That’s because if the federal government actually provides the subsidies in the form of cost-sharing reductions (CSRs), then it would provide more coverage to the small businesses that have been most impacted by Obamacare. Without the CSRs

“The one with that fat leg is his son.”

No burritos, only tacos. They were just happy I was buying them for $10."

“That’s so wrong,” I said, but they continued.

The two are both the same age and they’ve been married only over two years.

“The two men are like kids, they’re my step-children, the older one is in school, but he’s my step-parent. The one with that fat leg is his son. They both work.”

We talked about whether the fact that both men in their 50s are divorced makes the marriage less of a commitment. I wanted to know from them whether that was true. So I asked them separately whether the man who had his leg amputated was just a lazy, irresponsible father or whether his wife was a lazy, irresponsible mother, a “good” mother who let her husband forget his leg.

“They don’t give a damn about the child,” one said, “I’m just doing that job.”

"Why do you say good things about your husband then


Star Trek -> (Neural Network) -> Harry Potter?

Everything Harry tells you is a lie. Remember that! And remember it right now!"

Hermione was about to reply, but Harry’s voice interrupted her as he raised a hand to stop her. “If you are going to tell me about this Harry, then let it be the truth.”

As Harry turned away Harry’s voice came back with the threat of Voldemort. “This is something I’m afraid you have no chance of stopping. Not unless you will be willing to give up everything we have together. You will see how this works when the end comes. You will hear my voice when I speak to you. You will feel that pain.”

Hermione’s face grew pale as she looked at them. Then Harry’s voice came back with the reassuring promise: "I promise this will be as it should be. You are my protectors, Ron and Hermione. You will know this. I will protect you until the end. If your death isn’t an important part

ETA: I input “It was ■■■■■, not damp or wet.” looking for something steamy. First time got some recipe. Second attempt got some interesting gay porn but then remembered I am at work and the IT listens and so I panicked and closed the window before I could paste it here.


Let’s see how it does meta:
This is how a modern neural network completes your text:

A random vector of letters (a word) A random vector of letters (a word) A random vector of letters (a word) A random vector of letters (a word)

Let’ s get really deep here, the neural network’s output, when each word is evaluated, is fed into the text to determine where to put a specific word, then, as the text tries to express certain words and also which syllables to replace each word with, the output is sent between two output tubes, the input tube going from left to right.

The output tube is then used to select words to replace, say for each syllable of a word in the words in the original text and output tubes are used to add in the words to the correct syllable from the input word, that means we can say the output is just a list.

Here we are adding in the word, in our words, "


I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

The Lord God of Israel, who is in heaven, hear me and let my voice be heard.

Hear me, Lord: hear me and let my voice be heard.

The Lord God of Israel, I bow before you, Lord.

I bow before you and tell you that I am up to no good.

Hear me, Lord: hear me and let my voice be heard.

The Lord God of Israel, who is in heaven, hear me and let my voice be heard.

Hear me and let my voice be heard.


And the artificial intelligence tried so hard to come up with something humanlike and creative, but it was just too smart and too creative to stay human and continue producing the things we love:

You are looking at this incredible piece designed by the famous sculptor, Max Mehr, and it is completely humanlike.

But you can’t make it human. You’re looking at it and feeling this intense desire to look at it, but the robot has done all of the mechanical work, and he made sure it’s done perfectly. And you can’t say, look at this beautiful piece of art by him, it’s never gonna compare to what he is doing, I will never make this masterpiece; even if it’s perfect! The AI can’t imagine a perfect masterpiece; it’s more of an enchousy about it. Its goal is perfection. A perfect robot is really boring because it does everything by itself, is very easy to destroy and never wants to go anywhere.

They had to come

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Sidenote: entering stuff like that will trigger a captcha.