This pizza dress and taco gown are so glamorous


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I had to check to see if this was an intentional visual pun. Was not disappointed.


I was thinking the same thing, thanks for doing the research


We don’t need to make America great again. American exceptionalism is alive and well.


I’m in the pizza dress.
I’m in the taco gown.
I’m in the combination pizza dress and taco gown.

(Apologies from 2009.)


The tragedy began when she encountered a pack of hungry teens…


And I thought this was a dig on RiRi’s cheese pizza gown.


That taco dress looks umm… sort of yonic


But what about this hot dog dress


I always thought it was more scrambled eggs.


Something something Lady Gag’s bacon dress.



This is the Rio Grande in SLC.


I see what you did there :wink:

For the record, I’m attributing the “gag” part to the material of the dress, and not as a reflection of my opinion about the artist.


You got it!


Is there a mushroom pizza dress? I don’t care for pepperoni.


Did someone say mushrooms?


Inappropriate venue to mention this, but i have no other. Saw your appearance on Maddow (4May2017) and was profoundly moved even further on an issue I already was well convinced of. And damned if you didn’t get my old eyes misty which hadn’t been so in decades. Thank you for adding some deep humanity to what could’ve been an otherwise purely political interview.


Oh! Stuffed crust! Yum!


I need that pizza dress in my life.