This Psychedelic Brim Coffee commercial will make you wonder what was really in these folks' cups

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Just a tiiiiiiiiiny bit disappointed that on re-reading it turns out there isn’t a coffee company called Psychedelic Brim.


Decaf? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I get this feeling this scene would’ve ended differently if Brim was involved…


The ad suggests Earthy tones with hints of Peter Max and Heinz Edelmann . I’d be down with that, but my inner critical thinker suggests it tastes like the spokes person’s suit after it’s been boiled.


Yeah, being old enough to remember early clips, I bet it’s the same artists who did a few shorts for Sesame Street.

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Goddamit! This has activated the 90% of my brain dedicated to commercial jingles and slogans!

“Fill it to the rim. With Brim!”


I´ll take my coffee with sugar, cream and acid.

Wonder why the colors in this vid are so under-saturated. The style seems to duplicate The Yellow Submarine animation but for that.

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“…and no caffeine, to keep the rest of you feeling good.”


On a slightly more serious note, Michael Pollan addresses caffeine in his latest book This Is Your Mind on Plants; great read as always and made me more comfortable with my caffeine intake levels.

ETA: totally understand caffeine isn’t for everyone/thresholds are highly subjective, only meant this humorously.

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First thought in my head, too. I have a whole mental warehouse district full of old slogans, jingles and songs from adverts from the seventies


Not really surprising. Peter Max was the Banksy of the time and his popularity soared with Yellow Submarine. Marketing has always coopted youthful trends to sell.

Brim was made with coffee-soaked coffee beans? That would explain a lot.

I looked at the thumbnail and thought, “I don’t remember than commercial.” Then I heard 1 second of the jingle and remember the tune immediately. How is it possible for my brain to be able to pull a 40+ year old jingle from the archives, yet I’m incapable of being able to find a pen or a pair of scissors when needed, and I’m able to lose a full mug of coffee two minutes after making it?


They’re still trying to figure out all the ways music affects memory. Until they do, I hope to use it. :thinking: Maybe combine the jingle with words about the location of your coffee! :bulb:

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