This real-life Tigger is the most ancient type of cat alive today

I’m afraid no level of technology can resurrect animal cultures or epigenetic factors.

No, the other commenter is correct: you need to preserve their environment. It will also be cheaper.

Does it sound like Paul Frees? Is it annoyingly overactive? Does it have a springy tail and a bouncy butt? If the answer to these questions is, “No”, then it’s not a real-life Tigger.

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The paws stay relatively big; the cats in the video look almost fully grown to me.
Or local zoo1) has both clouded leopards and snow leopards. They take part in international breeding programmes for both species.

Also: who doesn’t like a belly rub?

1) I have very mixed feelings about zoos. On the one hand, they are prisons. On the other hand, by now they are all that stands between a growing number of species and their extinction.

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With most cats…

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