This smart ear cleaner provides a live video feed and is on sale for 44% off

Originally published at: This smart ear cleaner provides a live video feed and is on sale for 44% off | Boing Boing

Something about a fool and his money…


This smart ear cleaner provides a live video feed and is on sale for 44% off

Remember the Mythbusters where they make a candle out of earwax and Grant throws up? I think I’m getting this for my wife. Mother’s day is coming up!


Somewhere somebody is live streaming one of these - and I’m not going to google to be be sure. Uhg :open_mouth:


I’m just here for the comments because they’re going to be amazing.


Looks like a boring tool to me.


Please tell me this company doesn’t make a bidet.


…with built in IOT live streaming to your favorite social media platforms. Share with friends and family! Rate each other’s posts! :thinking:


You are one brave soul, that Hubby dog-house will be comfy for sure.


I normally use a crochet hook to clean my ears, but I’ll admit this is kind of alluring.

Most of the time when I feel like there’s gold in there, I come up with a big zero, but on the rare occasion when I do find a nug, the sense of vindication is exhilarating. If a video camera could increase my chances of winning a prize, it might be worth it.


I would have to know more about why they consider this thing smart since that isn’t explained. I mean if I accidentally hasten the singularity I don’t want a smart robotic arm in my ear when it happens.

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What’s amazing is that every single one of these livestreams. This is one of those “the customer is the product” deals.

As seen in Star Trek: Wrath of Khan

Same vibe, anyway.


Understand Captain America GIF


I actually bought a similar product from the BoingBoing store about five months ago - the Axel Glade Spade.

I love it. I used it yesterday, in fact. I use it about once every two weeks, and being able to see what I’m doing is great. It is weird seeing a huge glob of ear wax, only to pull it out and find out it smaller than a grain of rice…

I sleep on my stomach, and for a while I’ve had phantom ear tickles that feel like a bug has made a home in my left ear canal (but is most likely new ear hair growth associated with my ripe old age of 42). Now when my OCD tells me there’s a bug in there I can check and sleep soundly, knowing there’s nothing in there but gross gooey hairs.

I should look into this. If it’s good for plucking hairs I might be interested.

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