This talcum powder was for men in 1973 that feared being turned into an infant

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‘Mennen Bath Talc has a masculine scent’.

And probably asbestos.


Given the state of right wing masculinity I would say they were right!

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I was going to say Mennen made Speed Stick, which used to by my go to brand as my dad used it. The green kind, forget what scent that was.

Also - uh - hrm - that advert I am pretty sure became fetish material for some people (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


Wet ass p-word?




Paging Susumu-chan…

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raises hand
(not that i knew it until seeing the pic)


There is a long, rich history of marketing to Manly Men™ who are anxious that basic self-grooming habits may be emasculating if conducted improperly, especially anything that smacks of “making people smell nice.”

Heck, there are apparently a bunch of insecure dudebros out there who are terrified that wiping their own asses will turn them trans or something.


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Luckily Mesothelioma is a pretty manly cancer. Except in Italy, where for some reason it’s only sort of manly.

figure from here.

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I wonder what the breakdown was between “knows exactly what they are doing”, “sincerely fell for the plausible deniability”, and “pretending nothing’s up because calling it would mean admitting to knowing it’s a thing” among the production and approval people.


By all means, use toilet paper. It won’t make you gay, or anything.


I had to have my first big boy pre-cancer screening (colonoscopy) and in preparation for the prep work the night before, I went and got a bidet attachment to my toilet.

Holy shit - I was living in the fucking stone age. This thing is a game changer.

Water pick - bidet. Two of my 1st world must haves now.

It’s one of those things where on paper it sounds like a mildly humorous concept. Maybe it would work better as a cartoon. But when the photo is delivered, with that model, that pose, it’s like. “Hmm. What was it we were trying to do again?”

One other thing to note - cloth diaper! It wasn’t that long ago when they were much more common. If they did something like that today it would be disposable. (Though I imagine finding an adult sized disposable in 1973 was harder to do.)

There’s always a “butt…”

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