This Texas teen has the world's longest legs on a female

Most of us.

Almost all of us have more than the average (strictly, arithmetic mean) number of legs.


People generally grow (albeit slowly, after about 18-21) til about 26-28 or so.

At 1.93 meters, it’s often difficult for me to find feminine clothing. I know a few ciswomen that are also 1.83 m or over and we’ll commiserate over this difficulty. I had to pad a few of the door frames in our house because I almost gave myself a concussion the first week after we moved here!

(For even more fun, my nesting partner is 1.52 m. While we each have our own car, we always make sure that we can both drive whatever we have, which has made some ‘interesting’ shopping experiences!)

No, they also need to go all the way up, which is a compliment expression have never understood.

Funny how that works. I’m about 5” taller than Mrs Ficus and she wears a longer inseam than I do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I see stories like this and wonder how many of these exceptionally tall folks have an undiagnosed pituitary tumor…


Yeah, definitely not always, but it does seem like it’s more commonly the case with taller people. Being tall with a long torso is certainly unusual.

I enjoyed watching her walk. Kind of this elegant glide.

wut? I’ve hardly heard of anyone growing past 21, let alone generally.

No one I know grew past 21 (and generally 18, and women often 16)

Followed basketball for decades and never heard of a player still growing post-college. It was considered amazing that Ralph Sampson was still growing as a freshman at Virginia.

So…if you have a source for that, I will have learned something very new and unexpected today.

They had to repeat the clip of her ducking under the doorway about 6 times

That and similar sources from the Googles imply more mass gain (bone thickness) than height, so I was only semi-right, although yes, some people do grow in height into their 20s a good bit ^^’.

Literally grabbed the 1st link that wasn’t just about boys, since the rest say much the same thing and it was clear, there are ofc many more reputable sources, at your leisure.

This guy?

(With apologies to all sensible people who loath Rolf Harris)


But does she know how to use them?

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Uncertainty principle? No wait that’s for very small things…

Also, as the man with the largest ass in my apartment block, I can at least somewhat empathize, what it must be like shopping for pants for this young lady.


You really can’t measure height with more precision than +/-0.5% or so. It changes enough due to joint compression etc that more precision is pointless.

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Of course.
But I’m sure the World Records chaps have a protocol for that. :wink:

Man, I’m a 1.97 m guy and I often have trouble fitting clothes or fitting in cars, buses or especially airplanes. With an extra 10 cm that would become really annoying! The main advantages in my opinion is people’s reaction and the fact that you can always reach every shelf.


I’m 1.93 m tall, non-binary, and for me the main advantage is that since I also gained some weight I don’t get attacked by various transphobes and homophobes anymore. Those people prefer choosing easier targets.


What, so is everybody just too distracted by her legs to talk about that sweet Lego collection at 0:07? Looks like the 2010 version of Hogwarts Castle, and a bunch of Friends stuff… I think the Friends sets are so underrated, they’ve got a lot of cool unique parts and colours. I mean, check out those gold palm fronds in the Heartlake Shopping Mall on the top shelf!