This Tik Tok demonstrates the perfect use of "If you don't like it, you can leave"

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Apply some aloe to that burn.


Only an unvaccinated 'Merikan would think they were going to a massive crowded event like a concert and not taking a COVID-19 test.

In FL or TX (hell, in some of the more inland parts of California!) they’d be right.

there are business in the exurbs of Sacramento that tried to NOT let in people with masks…

The permission to say the quiet parts out loud was all that people needed.

The planet is doomed.


But I’m white AND I spent money, two things that guarantee my privilege. I’m allowed to not do what I agreed to do.


Went to a concert last week in Boston. Required vaccinations (or test) and masks. A couple of people weren’t wearing masks but that was all that I saw…
Great show :slight_smile:


Los Angeles has vaccination checks as you enter bars or music venues now. Neighboring Orange County will reject that til the end of time.


Angry patron sounds like she’s “anti-business.”

A.k.a. “un-American.”


She should have incorporated the word Choice in it. What I’ve been hearing from certain co-workers, now that my federal contractor employer is requiring all US-based employees to be vax’d, is that they are pro-choice in all circumstances. Yes, of course you have a choice to not work here.

I’m not sure if constant, ongoing covid tests should be a viable option. That’s not sustainable and puts additional costs and efforts on the employer. Plus, there are things such as false positives or false negatives. And what if their infection is so recent, the test doesn’t pick it up? Testing, IMO, is a form of security theater.

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My adult son is anti-vaxx (not because he believes they don’t work but because of some convoluted anti-big pharma / anti-government rationale). He’s so committed to NOT getting vaccinated he’s turning down job offers as a consequence. (Shaking my head)… Anyhoo…

We had tickets to a concert that’s been postponed twice over the past 18 months and it finally was rescheduled for last week. I warned him months ago that the venue was requiring vaccinations and he just dismissed it as NBD.

I thought I had finally found a compelling reason for him to get his shots as he really wanted to go to this concert but he found a loophole on the venue’s website where he can claim a religious exemption and can be admitted as long as he shows a negative Covid test. Sure enough it worked and we were let in with minimal fuss.

Does make we wonder about those who have natural immunity due to past infection and how/if there should be an exemption for those who can show sufficient antibodies. I’m thinking we’re going to be living with Covid for a long time to come.


From what I understand, you can only have “natural immunity” through being previously exposed to the virus. But when it comes to variants of the virus, the vaccine has a significant increase in protection for yourself and reduces the chance for others. I wouldn’t want to rely that “natural immunity” long term, and we don’t for things like the Flu.


Based on studies mentioned in the coronavirus threads, that’s not guaranteed (or even likely). With the growing list of long-term side effects people are getting from being infected, that’s a big risk to take:


There was going to be an epic tour in 2020 with Ministry and KMFDM and Front Line Assembly - and then with Covid, that line up has shifted like 5 times, with the dates moving like 3 times. Helmet, Melvins, Corrosion of Conformity, and probably others were on the line up at one point.

I made a joke that this is going to go on long enough that everyone can say they “almost toured with Ministry”.

Next up - Ministry - with The Spice Girls!

“If you want to taste my mind, you gotta help twist my dreads.”

ETA - sorry about your kid. They can be stubborn!


Yeah, I may watch this several times. So satisfying at the end.

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Understood, and I agree that the idea behind natural immunity is not reliable and a much worse idea than the vaccine :slight_smile: I just meant no one has natural immunity without exposure, and that exposure isn’t as good as the Vaccine.

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