This tool cleanly removes ticks from my dogs


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I can vouch for this tool. It’s fantastic. Liked it so much we’ve got a set in each car.


Looks rather unwieldy. Why the long lever? It’s not like you’re prying nails. I like the keyhole type removers, with ramp that lifts the tick out. They remove ticks quickly by sliding along the skin.


Caveman Hands.

see also: I did not get the large smartphone to show off, I got the large smartphone because caveman hands.


I got the large smartphone cause old man eyes.


It looks like a pry bar, but is not intended to be used that way. It’s intended to be spun between two fingers. I’ve used various tick lifting tools over the years, have concluded that the twisting action is better.


Ah. Twisting seems like a good way to snap off the neck, but perhaps the design of the tool prevents that.


That’s great for the ticks inside the dog’s body.


Twisting seems like a good way to snap off the neck

I had doubts before trying it, but have been using this tool for ~2 years with a perfect track record of clean removals from the people and dogs living in my house.

Other tools/techniques worked less well.


I’ll take your word on it. I’ve had no issues with the tools I use, so I’m not really in the market for new ones.


afoxolaner chewable tablets


I just gave my pup one of these 3 hours ago. She thinks its a cookie.


I see the product description says it works on people, too. Anyone here have experience with that? I think I live in the deer tick capital of the US and am looking for a better solution than pointy tweezers.


I know. It was a joke.

When we walk the dunes up in Bodega Bay with our dogs, usually the dogs end up tick-free but we aren’t so lucky.


There is nothing like the mornings after a dog walk, when I realize I’m a week late on feeding the dogs their tablets by the tick or ticks affixed to my body. Happens once every few years.


I have not used this device, but we bought a Tick Nipper and it works great on us. I’d imagine this thing would work fine on people.

BTW, we are people.

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