This training package can help teach you to run networks like a professional programmer

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My brother is a professional programmer with nearly two decades in industry. He’s good at it. He is however incompetent at networking. I wouldn’t let him near a managed switch let alone a real router. Programmers (software developers) aren’t so good at actual functional systems that they didn’t themselves design.

  1. They’re called “developers” and “software engineers” now.

  2. They did not, and do not, “run networks.” That’s a different job.

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Depends a bit on the programmer in question and I wouldn’t want to generalise but they are two completely different skillsets. I’ve known software devs who’ve crossed over into networking and done really well with it. I’m sure there are skills from both disciplines that are useful to the other.

However… it’s kind of like saying “Learn how to plumb like a professional electrician”

But occasionally they do try and configure a network and oh boy, that can go badly wrong. Firewalls disabled, IP addresses hardcodeded, spanning tree turned off. You name it and I’ve seen a programmer get out of their depth and try it.
It’s the usual widespread problem in tech: “I am good at programming computers. Networking involves computers. So therefore I must be good at networking too”.

run networks like a professional programmer

Take this class and run restaurants like a professional firefighter!

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