This travel app helps you take advantage of flash airfare deals

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I wonder if it’s the most responsible thing, at this point in our history, to be promoting a) the hyper-consumerism of black Friday, b) a service which makes it cheaper to fly (presumably out of all proportion to the real environmental costs of the flight), c) such a service running on a subscription model, nudging consumers to fly more often.

Could BoingBoing not make the editorial decision to divest from advertising in support of the excessive, unreflected, planet-damaging consumerism?

I recognise that choosing your advertisers is a privilege that not all content creators can afford. Likewise, I recognise that many people are simply not in a position to choose other modes of transport, or to afford to pay higher fares for the flights that they do need to take. This advertorial nevertheless feels tone deaf on a blog that regularly and thoughtfully reports on the climate emergency that we face.


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